Over the years, Carpentery Poliani holds various quality certifications and certificates.




The energy efficiency of a window not only depends on the sealing of the doors and the thickness of the frame but also by:

  • Type of counter used;
  • Materials employed for the application;
  • Methodologies of execution of the connection nodes.

These points are often overlooked, with the result that the windows cutlery often have significant losses that frustrate performance. PosaClima is one of the most advanced and complete the installation of windows and complies with all the suggestions and directions of CasaClima.

This system in fact considers the laying from every point of view, architectural and performance, and provides precise solutions and concepts of reference for dealing with special cases from which designers and installers can draw the guide directions for their work.

Only if the window will be installed with these rules will have the performance of thermal and acoustic insulation which are measured on the doors and only if the installation is performed correctly the modern windows and doors really contribute to improving the comfort and quality of life in the interior in addition to ensuring the necessary energy saving